19 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Link Builders and SEOs

Google Chrome Extensions For Link Builders And SEOs

In the following post you’re going to discover 19 of the most useful Google Extensions that will save you time and effort in your SEO and link building tasks.

I’ve been warming up to Google Chrome a lot lately, at first I wasn’t too fond of it I’ll admit, but as Firefox got slower and slower with each update – thanks to that I have opened up to just how much it can do for link builders and anyone in the SEO industry.

Ok, lets dive in to the list …

Google Chrome Extensions for Link Builders and SEOs


1. SEO Moz – MozBar

SEOMoz MozBar - Chrome Extension

The MozBar has been a big favourite of mine for a while now, when you click the extension Icon the full awesomeness will appear and first display the on page elements, URL, title, description, character numbers and more.

You can then click on the Page Attributes tab for some more detailed information, such as robots, canonical tags, load time, Google cache URL and some other helpful stuff.

Now comes the link data, all the helpful SEO Moz metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, mozRank, mozTrust and some other link related metrics.

Unlike a lot of Chrome extensions that highlight links, the MozBar allows you to highlight followed, nofollowed, internal and external links in different colour – there’s even the option to highlight specific words.

When you search you’ll also get a SERP overlay with some helpful link metrics, although you’ll get the most out of this by signing up to SEO Moz Pro which will expand the functionality.

The only real limitation that jumped out to me me is that SERP exports to CSV aren’t available in the Chrome version, so I occasionally switch back to the Firefox version when I need to do some link prospecting for blogger outreach for example.


2. Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

Majestic SEO Extension for Chrome

Majestic SEO is one of my favourite site explorer tools and I’m so glad that they brought out their own browser extension for Chrome.

You will get their Citation and Trust Flow metrics and important linking data along with backlink history chart, top backlinks and anchor text distribution. There’s quick links to open up the website you’re surfing on in Majestic SEO to get a full report.


3. Ayima Redirect Checker

Have you ever wanted to know which specific redirects have been taken when you visit a URL? Well this Chrome extension will tell you and list out the specific redirects including the redirect type and URL’s.


4. Scraper

This is an incredible tool that can save so much time when compiling lists of link prospects – just right hand click on a URL while on a website and select “scrape similar” and you’ll get a list similar sites on the page ready to export to Google Docs.

For some further reading, check out Justin Briggs’ tutorial, it’s from a few years back but it’s a great tutorial all the same.


5. SiteTrail

Sitetrail Browser Extension for Chrome

There are occasions where you will want to get a more complete set of data for a website or URL including indexed pages, social media statistics, back links, crawled pages, visitor analysis (locations etc) along with traffic analysis.

Maybe even some WHOIS, server and DNS information too.

If that’s the sort of data you’re after at the click of a button then take a look at the Site Trail Chrome extension.

On the downside available data for smaller and newer websites can be an issue but it’s still extremely useful.


6. Ultimate Chrome Flag

This Chrome extension adds a small flag just inside your address bar and will display the server location by adding the relevant flag for wherever the website is hosted.

You’ll also get some other data including city, Alexa rank and Web of Trust stats.


7. Chrome SEO

SEO Browser Extension for Chrome

This is a great all round extension for Chrome users, some of the data that you’ll get at the click of a button here includes indexed pages from major search engines, backlinks from multiple sources (E.g. Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, Alexa etc), Domain PageRank, PageRank of the page you’re on, traffic stats from popular analytics sites (Alexa, Compete, SEMRush etc).

There’s even some social stuff there too including Likes, +1’s, Tweets and Stumbles amongst some other useful server related features.


8. SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools Chrome Extension

There’s a lot to this Chrome extension, so it’s well worth having in your SEO toolkit.

To start off with you’ve got external page data which consists of metrics from Google, Alexa, Bing, SEO Moz, Majestic SEO and more.

There’s a detailed section for on page elements, things like titles, canonicals, meta data, CSS validations.

The social media section includes mentions from Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter and more.

In addition there’s also page suggestions and server domain information that’s worth checking out.

There are still a few things in this plugin that aren’t 100% – Google Buzz and no Google Plus? Looks like its due for an update but it’s still useful.


9. Link Grabber

This extension is really simple – at the click of a button you can get all of the links on a page opened up in a new tab as a list.

Quite a handy time saving tool here!


10. Link Clump

Link Clump is another simple but highly useful Chrome extension – once installed you can click and drag a box around links and open them all in separate tabs.


11. Insert Text

This is so useful, it’s liked Canned Responses but you can use it anywhere in Chrome, not just within Gmail.

If you haven’t seen what Canned Responses does then I’ll explain – Canned Responses is a tool for managing email templates within Gmail/Chrome.

With this extension you can load up blocks of text, then when you need to, just right hand click and select insert text then select the piece of text and it will insert it for you.

Huge time saver.


12. SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP Workbench Extension for Google Chrome

This is more than just an Extension, it’s a full blown Chrome application that has a lot of useful functions.

You can use this to quickly add your website and it’s competitors with a bunch of keywords and then compare the rankings – there is a list format and a graph that you can see when you add the data.

There’s also some import and export functions that are really useful – while this will check rankings in real time it doesn’t have the same power that you would get from an online rank tracking tool such as Authority Labs for example.


13. Google PageSpeed Insights

The load time of a website is becoming more and more important as time goes on, not only because it’s incorporated into Google’s ranking algorithm but also because it has a big impact on the usability of your website.

On a personal level, if you had problems loading a web page would you wait around?

Not many people would.

Once you install PageSpeed Insights it will be accessible from your developer tools within Chrome, so you can instantly analyse your website and find out exactly what’s slowing down your website, along with complete lists of affected URLs and links to help resources.


14. User Agent Switcher

This is an extremely useful Chrome extension for testing various different devices to see how websites react.

You can pretend you’re visiting using an iPhone or even Google’s search spider.


15. Web Developer

This is the official Chrome version of Chris Pederick’s web developer toolbar which allows you to delve into CSS, cookies, forms, images and alter various website aspects without modifying code.


16. Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite is designed to work with the Web Developer extension mentioned above which gives you a visualisation of the code and allows for live editing which makes it very useful for zoning in on website issues.


17. Google Screen Capture

This extension makes image capturing quick and easy while allowing you to edit the image before saving it as a PNG file.

Although, you’ll always be limited to using this in Chrome but still useful if you don’t use other browsers too much.


18. Check my links

Check My Links Extension for Google Chrome

If you’re doing broken link building then you’ll find this incredibly useful as you can just click one button and it will highlight all of the broken links on the page you’re on and let you know which type of errors are involved.

Alternatively, it’s just a quick and easy way of scanning a page for broken links.


19. Domain Hunter Plus

This Chrome extension works in a similar way to Check My Links, but rather than highlighting links you’ll be able to run off a report in CSV format of all the links that are broken.



So there you have it, 19 of the top Google Chrome extensions for link builders and SEOs – now this list isn’t exhaustive by any means, new extensions are popping up all of the time but which ones are you using? Are there any you’re using that I haven’t mentioned?

Let us know in the comments.

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    Very comprehensive list of Google Chrome browser extentions for SEO and link building. I am very sure many SEO folks haven’t heard of some of these. I know I haven’t, :)

    You are right about Firefox getting slower with each update. I also use Chrome more than Firefox as it doesn’t crash as often. Good to know there are all these Chrome browser extensions to choose from and use for SEO and link building purposes.

    By the way, are they all free?

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    Hi Adam!

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    • http://bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      My pleasure – really glad that you’ll find some of these useful.

  • Spook SEO

    Hi Adam!

    Thank you so much for sharing these Google Chrome extensions for link building. I will definitely check them out. I actually like Scraper for this tool saves so much time when accumulating lists of link prospects. I suggest that others must also try this tool.

    • http://www.bloggingwizard.com/ Adam Connell

      My pleasure – really glad that you’ll find some of these useful.

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    Seriously, am unaware these chrome extensions for seo link building. I am having few already, but will add more link building extensions to perform better. Thanks for this tremendous list Adam Connell :)

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