5 Sure-Fire Ways To Convert Your Blog Traffic Into Sales

You have just published a blog post and attracted a lot of shares. Congrats! You have been doing this successfully for a long time but the only thing you regret is the lack of sales.

So what’s missing?

Although you are writing great posts that are helpful for your readers, you are not really converting normal website visitors into sales. Conversion is the key to build a profitable blog from scratch.

Unfortunately most bloggers and marketers don’t focus on converting their blog traffic into sales. They solely focus on increasing their blog’s traffic, what’s the point of bringing more visitors to your sites if they don’t convert or buy anything from your blog? Useless, right?

So, if you are looking for proven ways to convert blog traffic into sales, this detailed post is for you.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make this happen.

How to convert random website visitors into buyers

Make sure your website is properly optimized

Make Sure Your Website Is Properly Optimized

We all know that search engine traffic is the most qualified traffic source. Traffic from search engines convert better than any other traffic source (be it from social media, other blogs or videos).

Here are few important things to consider before converting your blog traffic into sales:

Is your site mobile friendly?

Google recently launched its mobile-friendly update (also known as the “Mobilegeddon update”, launched on 21st April 2015) which benefits sites that are perfectly optimized for mobile users.

Not only that, more and more people are now using their mobile phones and tablets to browse the web. If your site is not mobile responsive, you are already leaving a lot of money and traffic on the table. So don’t give your competitors an advantage by not making your site mobile responsive.

If you use WordPress, you can use plugins such as WPTouch to make your site mobile friendly or you can get mobile responsive themes like Genesis, Thesis etc to create a stunning design for your website.

Is your site search engine friendly?

Search engine crawlers don’t look at your website pages as we do. They see differently, if your site design or navigation is messy, they will find it hard to crawl your web pages properly. To avoid this, make sure to have a clean and clear website design that won’t distract your readers and search crawlers.

Avoid using popup plugins unless you are building email lists. Don’t use too many ads as they can only increase bounce rates of your blog. And leverage tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to spot any potential issues.

Focus on reducing your website loading speed

Use tools like GTmetrix, Google Page Insights, Pingdom etc to find the speed and performance of your website. Not only do these page analyzer tools help you measure your site speed but they will also help you identify the issues on your site that need resolving.

Resolving these issues will greatly improve performance.

Page loading times are a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm so make sure to improve your site loading speed by using a better web host, limiting the usage of plugins, installing a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache and optimizing your images etc.

If you focus on giving a better experience to your visitors, Google will reward you in search engine results. So give top priority to your blog readers, not search engines.

Resolving these issues, ie. compress and optimize your images, remove render blockign jQuery scripts, limit page redirections, or switch to a better web host, will greatly improve performance.

Pro tip: By improving your website visitor experience, you can immensely increase your conversion rates. So always keep an eye on your website speed, mobile responsiveness and Google’s latest updates to improve your visitor retention.

Create a successful content creation strategy

Create A Successful Content Creation Strategy

Observe any profitable blog or website in your niche and  you will notice one thing: they all have a successful content marketing strategy. If you have had your online business for a while, you already know that content marketing is the key to turn website visitors into sales.

If you master the art of content marketing, your sales will skyrocket. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t churn out contents day-in and day-out just to increase your overall website traffic. Focus on targeting the right audience to boost your sales. Here’s where developing the right content creation strategy helps you build the target audience.

Here are some effective ways to develop a great content creation strategy that attracts more links and social shares:

  • Focus on finding already popular content in your niche – Create better content around it to earn more social shares and incoming links from other blogs.
  • Give top priority to writing in-depth articles over short posts – Say no to fluff and provide as much data as possible to attract more readers with your content.
  • Add credibility while writing posts – No one shares or links to your content if you don’t sound like an expert. Link out to other bloggers frequently and mail them whenever you do so. If they find your content relevant and useful, they will reciprocate.
  • Create Infographics and frequently incorporate them into your content creation strategy – They attract a lot of social shares and incoming links.
  • Always spend quality time on crafting attention grabbing headlines – Writing eye-catching headlines is the easiest way to increase your click through rates, but always remember to deliver the promise you make in the headline.

To improve your conversion rate, turn visitors into subscribers

To Improve Your Conversion Rate Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

If you observe any successful blog that’s making a lot of money, you will notice one thing: it has a lot of loyal readers and raving fans on social media. How do you think it’s possible to have a great fan following around blogs? The main reason behind it is, an email list!

Email lists are undoubtedly the sure-fire way to build raving fans and increase your overall blogging income. If you want to increase conversion rates from your blogs, give top priority to building an email list from day one.

If you don’t have a list yet, start building it from today. Offer something like a video series, podcast or eBooks to quickly build your email list. Make sure the freebies you offer are of great value.

Here are few best practices for building a high quality email list:

  • Put more email opt-in forms – Make your email optin forms more visible by placing them on sidebar, footer, header section, at the end of the post, About us page and on your popular posts.
  • Use landing pages to quickly turn normal website visitors into subscribers – Landing pages are golden as they don’t provide too much distraction and you can simply focus on your call to actions.
  • Use social media to your advantage – Frequently engage with other bloggers on social media, conduct surveys and use Facebook or twitter ads to drive more targeted traffic to your landing pages to boost your email signup rates.

Build awareness about the products you promote

Build Awareness About Products You Promote

No one buys products from strangers. If you are selling or promoting something online, people will barely buy them if they don’t know you. This is the reason why you need to create a brand for yourself to increase your sales.

Building trust is the key to increasing sales. You can use social media sites and email lists to build trust with your target audience.

Create awareness about the products you promote if you want to increase the conversion rates on your blog. When creating or promoting the products on your sites, make sure to focus on finding the targeted audience for them.

Solve the problems your audience faces through the products you promote or sell. This is a sure-fire way to increase the trust with your targeted audience or customers.

Use effective call to actions

Use Effective Call To Actions

If there’s only one skill that you can learn as a marketer to successfully turn website visitors into buyers, it is learning the art of writing effective call to actions (CTA’s).

A call to action is a direct instruction given to your audience. If you have compelling CTA’s, you can easily turn visitors into subscribers, readers into social sharers and leads into sales.

Here are a few proven ways to write call to actions that will sell:

  • Understand the needs of your audience – Get to know what they want. Find out their problems and provide solutions and include them as call to actions. If you don’t have the answer already, survey your audience to get some qualitative data.
  • Learn to turn normal visitors into subscribers – Add CTA’s using the language your audience will respond to and make those CTA’s visible.
  • Test and repeat – There’s no solid way to write effective call to actions. You have to test and try until you see the best results. Every industry is different.

Final thoughts

Increasing website traffic is not the key to build a profitable blog but converting your traffic into sales is. If you want to grow your sales, build a loyal audience and create awareness about the products you promote.

Focus on building a thriving email list and build trust with your subscribers. It’s much easier to convince people to buy your products or try your services if they like and trust you.

So what are your thoughts on converting website traffic into sales? Do you have any more strategies, if yes, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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