How to Use Our Customer Dashboard

IMPORTANT: The dashboard is not a replacement for the day to day campaign support we provide by email and telephone.

1. Tracking Orders

You can navigate to the current orders in progress, completed orders and cancelled orders from the side menu.

In the orders section of the sidebar, you can view the current order, cancel the order or view the campaign spreadsheet.

2. Tracking your backlink campaign

Clicking the “View Campaign” text button will open a shared Dropbox spreadsheet in a new window.

You can view the suggested websites and their metrics here.

We add all the SEO scores (including M-Flux if you have purchased that service).

You can also agree on the campaign details such as the anchor texts, target URLs and the content titles here.

The date that links are placed will be added here. Your account manager will keep in touch to inform you of all actions taken.


You will need a free or paid Dropbox account to access the sheet. If you prefer, we can use a Google sheet too.

These sheets will be available in your dashboard until you delete the account.

3. Placing new orders

If you are a regular customer, we usually place orders in the system for you. Just email your account manager what you want, and they will do this step for you.

How to use the order form

If you usually order through the website, it’s really easy now. You can select to either build your own backlinks package or select a pre-built one using the navigation on the left side.

Once on the ordering page, you can choose links in the drop-down menus graded by Moz Domain Authority (DA) or our M-Flux formula (which uses five SEO metrics!).

You then select

1. The score level you require.

2. Whether to pre-approve the sites before links are placed.

3. The number of words for the article that the link is going to be placed within.

You may want to create separate orders. Either you want to create a different order for another client or you might want to try a mix of sites at different levels of with varied content lengths.

To do this just click the “Add more links” button.

You will be able to specify different anchor texts and target URLs further down the order page.


As you add more links, the price per link and the total cost will reduce.

Simply, the more you buy the less you pay with discounts kicking in at 5 links.

Separate orders are counted as one so if you buy 5 links for one campaign and 5 for another, you will beneft from the 10 link discount.

Adding campaign details

We will need some details from you to get the campaign started such as your target keywords, the anchor text you prefer (will advise on this if that helps) and the target URLs.

If you know what you need, then please fill it in in the campaign details section, if not don’t worry, we are here to help and the order will still go through.

There is a section for each link you buy separated by the thin blue lines. Campaigns are also separated to make it easier to fill in.

Using the shopping cart

In your cart you can do the following;

1. Edit individual orders.

2. Remove orders.

3. Apply discount codes.

4. Go back to the site to browse.

Your cart is saved automatically.

Making a payment

When you are ready to pay, proceed to the checkout.

We accept credit cards, PayPal and can provide invoices.

Selecting to use ‘Invoice’ as the payment method triggers an email to our finance department.

Once received they will issue an invoice (we do not start work until invoices are paid unless otherwise agreed).

And that’s it.

If you have any questions, one of our team would be happy to help!

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