6 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Accelerate Your Email List Growth

If you don’t already know, one of the first tasks you should focus on in your business is list building.

Having an email list is crucial to the growth and success of your business – no matter what industry you operate in.

So, if you don’t focus on capturing your visitor’s contact info, you are ultimately leaving money on the table.

Because I’m sure you’ve heard, the money is in the list.

And while you may think email is old-fashioned, it’s still considered to have the best return on your investment – like a 4,300% ROI.

So, how do you capture your visitor’s email address when they come to your site?

Well, there are a lot of ways, such as having numerous opt-in forms on your site, using content upgrades, incorporating exit-intent popups, and more. And you can accomplish all of this with a quality email list building plugin.

Let’s look at six of the best list building plugins WordPress has to offer.

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one tool that has everything you need to grow your email list quickly.

And if you’re new to using an email list plugin, Thrive Leads is one of the easiest to get started with. They include a visual content builder where you can drag and drop text, images, form fields, buttons, and more, when you’re designing your lead capture forms.

Thrive Leads Visual Editor

There are a variety of opt-in form types to choose from, including popovers and scroll mats, and all of Thrive’s templates are professionally designed and highly customizable.

What makes this plugin superior to others is its affordability, and the included easy-to-read analytics and powerful A/B testing capabilities. Some other lead capture tools and landing page solutions charge more for A/B testing in particular, but with Thrive, it’s all included.

For the true marketers, knowing if a lightbox popup outperforms a slide-in form is important when they have an opt-in funnel waiting for their subscribers.

Thrive Leads lets you test different opt-in forms, triggers, design layouts and even different offers to help you generate more subscribers.

An impressive feature of Thrive Leads is SmartLinks. It’s annoying for your subscribers to read your blog and be repeatedly asked to sign up to your list.

With SmartLinks you can create a new call to action link for your email subscribers so that when they click through and read your latest update or post, they won’t be asked to subscribe again – or they’ll be presented with a different offer – improving their experience on your site.

thrive leads smartlinks

And if you’ve been trying to grow your email list with content upgrades, you might be wondering how to efficiently send the actual content upgrade to your subscriber.

With Thrive’s Asset Delivery functionality, content upgrade delivery is all taken care of so you are free to focus on promoting and growing your list.

Prices start at $67 for a single site. That includes updates (new features are added to the plugin surprisingly frequently) and a full year of support. Thrive Leads is also available in Thrive’s Membership subscription plan (which includes all of Thrive’s other themes and plugins) for $19/month.

Get Thrive Leads

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is one of the most well-known email list building WordPress plugins around – probably because it’s one of the oldest too.

While they are now a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, they offer a WordPress plugin to make it easy for WordPress users to integrate lead capture forms into their website.

While most list building plugins include some form of stats and analytics, when OptinMonster changed their business model from native WordPress plugin to SaaS, they decided to remove their in-house reporting.

Instead, users now have conversion and referral tracking fully integrated with their Google Analytics account and a comprehensive, detailed report available all in one central location.

OM analytics

If you’re a Google Analytics fan, or if you make heavy use of it in your business, OptinMonster’s tight integration might be something worth considering. If you’re interested in advanced customization or more detailed Google Analytics tracking, they have a great guide here that explains it all.

OptinMonster is famous for its exit-intent technology – displaying a popup at the precise moment a visitor is about to leave your site. But, they can also trigger a popup when a visitor scrolls to a certain spot in your post – increasing your conversions even more. They also offer slide-ins, floating bars, sidebar forms, and more.

Additionally, a handy and powerful feature called MonsterLinks lets you to trigger a popup lead capture form when a visitor clicks on a link or image in your content. Using this kind of 2-step opt-in capability can boost conversions up to 785%.

With other features including MonsterEffects for animating your popups and easy to use A/B split testing, OptinMonster is a leader in the email list building space.

Prices start at only $9/month (billed annually) for the Basic version, and go up to $39/month for the complete Pro version with all features included.

Get OptinMonster

3. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Using landing pages for your email marketing strategy can boost conversion rates up to 50%, according to Marketing Land. So, it’s something to consider when building your email list.

And using Thrive Architect helps you easily create professional and high converting landing pages for your site. With 150+ templates to choose from, Thrive Architect makes it easy to set up your page without having a background in web design.

But, of course, you do have the option to fully customize your landing page to match your brand and business by using their drag and drop functionality.

Thrive Architect Visual Editor

This plugin not only does landing pages, but can also create sales pages, sign up pages, and other marketing pages.

What’s unique about Thrive Architect is that they have themed sets of pages that all look similar and present users with a consistent brand image. This means you can match the design of pages such as your webinar sign up page, confirmation page, and thank you page to make your opt-in funnel flow consistently.

Thrive Architect is developed by the same team as Thrive Leads, which means that both of these plugins integrate well.

Prices start at $67 for a single site, or you can subscribe to a Thrive Membership at $19/month – allowing you use of all of Thrive’s themes and plugins (including Leads, Architect, and more) on unlimited sites.

Get Thrive Architect

4. Leadpages


Leadpages is a popular landing page creation suite with many tools that can help you build your list. It comes with a WordPress plugin to make it easy to integrate your opt-in forms into your website.

With high converting landing pages, mobile-friendly templates and an easy to use drag and drop form builder, you don’t have to be a pro to use this tool.

Creating your landing page only takes minutes with Leadpages, and you don’t have to worry about picking the right template. Leadpages sorts their templates by conversion rate, so you can choose from a list of high converting templates guaranteed to convert.

You can also customize your page and change the layout, color, copy and overall look if you want.

Leadpages comes with a feature called Leadboxes, which allows you to turn a link or image into a trigger that displays a popover when clicked.


You can use this technology to offer content upgrades, which is a powerful list building strategy.

Prices start at $37/month for the Standard version, but to access more functionality including A/B split testing and chat support, the Pro version starts at $79/month – with each plan heavily discounted when paying annually.

Get Leadpages

5. Sumo


Sumo is popular suite of tools to help you grow your email list. By using a combination of their List Builder and Welcome Mat tools in particular, you can set up a powerful email list building solution for free – or on a reasonable budget for the Pro versions.

Sumo can be used as a hosted service for non-WordPress sites, but for WordPress users they do have a hugely popular plugin that makes it easy to configure your opt-in forms and integrate them into your website.

The List Builder plugin comes with A/B split testing, conversion tracking, a drag and drop form builder, and plenty of professionally designed templates.

Sumo List Builder

Most of Sumo’s tools are freemium apps. This means the free version of List Builder does the basics of displaying a popup to capture a visitor’s email address and integrating with your email service provider.

But it’s also limited in the features that would help you analyze your marketing strategy, like A/B split testing. It’s also heavily branded, which could affect your conversion rate overall and only provides access to a limited number of templates.

To access the additional features and to remove the branding, you’ll need to upgrade to a Sumo Pro account which starts at $29/month (paid annually) for up to 5k visits a month.

Sumo also has the Welcome Mat app, which is a full-page call to action prompting the visitor to opt-in to your list or perform another action. Using this tool can double your conversion rate and help you grow your email list quickly.

Sumo Welcome Mat

The Welcome Mat has much of the same functionality as the List Builder app – and a lot of the same features as well – since both are similar tools for building your email list.

Like List Builder, to unlock Welcome Mat’s advanced features and customization options, you’ll have to upgrade to a Sumo Pro account.

Get Sumo

6. Opt-In Panda

optin panda

One final way to generate more subscribers is to use a content locking plugin like Opt-In Panda.

A Content locking plugin lets you hide, obscure or “lock” a piece of valuable content in your post. It could be a juicy tip, a graphic, or a link to a PDF worksheet. When using the plugin, you add an opt-in form directly in the post telling users they need to exchange their email address for the information. When someone subscribes to your list, the plugin unlocks the content and your reader can view or download the hidden content.

This idea works great for locking your lead magnet or content upgrade too.

After you choose your email service provider – Opt-In Panda supports many popular email providers – you can configure your email locker.

configure locker

You can customize what you want your message to say and what you want the button copy to display.

When you’ve finished configuring your opt-in form, just paste the WordPress shortcode into your post where you want it to appear and save it.

optin panda optin form

If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll have the ability to use a social locker where visitors perform a social sharing action – for example, tweeting your blog post – to get access to your locked content.

social locker

The premium version of Opt-In Panda also gives you support, the option to display a blurred version of the content inside the locker, more templates, and the ability to customize how the locker behaves by adding a close icon or timer interval.

Opt-In Panda is free to use and to access the additional features the price is $23.

Get Opt-In Panda Get Opt-In Panda Premium

Wrapping it up

Growing your email list is an important part of your marketing strategy. Having a healthy email list of potential warm leads is a lot easier to convert than a cold visitor to your site.

To increase the chances of a visitor opting into your email list consider using a WordPress list building plugin.

For an all-in-one choice, you can choose from Thrive Leads, Leadpages or Thrive Architect. These are all quality plugins with a large user base and lots of additional functionality.

If you just want to test the waters before committing to a particular plugin, Sumo or Opt-In Panda make for good choices. Both of these tools come in a freemium version so you can run a limited version of the plugin for free. This can give you an idea of whether using an email list plugin is right for your business.

No matter which email list building plugin you end up choosing for your WordPress site, any of these six plugins can help you achieve your email marketing goals.


Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. It won’t cost you a penny.

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