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Affiliate FAQs

We will use the email you signed up with to make payments to PayPal by default. If you want to use another email you will need to add it on the settings page in your affiliate area.

Two ways.

1. Direct bank transfer takes from 3 days. We will need to set this up manually

2. Using our direct to bank/debit/credit card payouts service (2-5 days US or 7 to 14 for other countries). There are no fees for this service provided by Sandhills Development, LLC, the company that owns and maintains the AffiliateWP system we use. You will need to register for this service in the Settings tab.

Once an order is placed we have to deliver it to the satisfaction of the customer and be paid. Delivery of the service is usually within 30 days. We will payout the completed and paid order the following month, so if an order is placed and delivered in month 1, we will payout end of month 2 (if the order is completed and paid). Note: We have a pay on receipt of invoice policy with 96% of invoices paid within 30 days.
We track them for 30 days and do not operate a last click method.
We pay a percentage of the total sale not including VAT. Up to £49,999 = 10% £50,000 to 74,999 = 12.5% Over £74,999 = 15%
Yes, we can customise rates so if you have something special to offer us let’s chat.
Yes. We payout for the full lifetime of the customer. This is how you can stack sales and rise into the higher commission brackets. The earning potential is excellent!
It varies, some over 5 years but most are between 3 and 18 months.
No, this is not allowed and we have systems in place to prevent that happening. As per our terms, any partner breaking this rule will be removed from the program for life and may have commissions withdrawn.
We strongly encourage you to use identifiers like unique coupons and be clear in your communications that they need to be used in the e-commerce section or mentioned over the phone or other channel such as email. We will add the sales to your account in our CRM and will send a breakdown of the buyer and the amount every month. Tracking offline sales is always tricky but with unique coupon codes and our efficient systems we will do our utmost to ensure you are credited with your sales.
Go to the tab Affiliate URLs and add your domain or URL and the system will auto-generate for you.
Yes, you can add a “custom url slug” in the settings tab.
Direct Link Tracking allows affiliates to link directly to our site without the need for an affiliate link. By using Direct Link Tracking, vi