International Link Building Service

Boost your global reach on Google with our high quality multilingual link building service. We partner with some of the best sites in Europe and Latin America to make your off-site international SEO easy. Our foreign language blogging partners publishing quality content in their native language with links that are placed naturally. Publishing your content internationally improves your reputation locally and makes it easier to reach customers in new territories.

International Multilingual Link Building Pricing

Our foreign language link building service prices reflect that commitment but it must be noted that the metrics used for international websites should not be compared to English speaking markets as there are fewer sites in each language. This means that often to compete and rank well, lower metrics sometimes suffice.

M-Flux 20-29



M-Flux 30-49



M-Flux 50+



Countries We Work With For
Multilingual Link Building

English is the most spoken language globally but communicating with your international customers in their local language will help build better relationships. Using a native language to market your services allows you to communicate subtle concepts, sometimes not easily done using the English language. We have built relationships with bloggers and website owners to help you build relevant multilingual links naturally. You can target the following countries to publish your foreign language content with our multilingual blogger outreach and website services.


Only the best Spanish bloggers make it onto our partner list to help power your international SEO campaign. Domains available .es.


High quality French blog and websites using sites with good SEO metrics will help provide international traffic. Domains available .fr.


Use Italian websites and bloggers to target new customers and boost your search engine presence in Italy. Domains available .it.


Target a German audience fast in relevant content via our German blog and website partners. Domains available .de.


Dutch bloggers and websites are waiting to write content in Dutch and link to your site. Domains available .nl.


Portugal has some amazing sites and we have partnered with many to assist your Portuguese blogger outreach. Domains available .pt.


It’s hard todo a link building in Sweden due to fewer sites but we have a selection that will help you boost your rankings. Domains available .se.


Whether a travel, business or lifestyle site, our team have your Belgian authority link building campaign covered. Domains available .be.

Latin America

Latin America@2x
High quality domains to increase search engine rankings in faraway countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Domains available .br, ar, .co.


Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland link building campaigns are all covered by our unrivalled set of international SEO partners. Domains available .dk, .no, .se, .fi.


Greek bloggers waiting for your native language content and ready to publish links to boost your Greek search engine rankings. Domains available .gr.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe@2x
We carefully select sites from countries such as The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Serbia to build relevant, organic links. Domains available .pl, .sk, .hr, .rs.

Our Multilingual Link Building Process

At UK Linkology we have strict processes for our link building campaigns so finding the right partners took time. Every partner and their outreach team follows the same process as our UK and US teams and customers still get to approve all content and target websites to ensure you get high quality foreign language links in every country.

Stage one

Stage two

Stage three

How Multilingual Link Building Benefits Your SEO

Enhanced Reputation

If you are targeting specific countries and then Building links in the native language improves your reach and your reputation with your target audience and Google. Think about the last time you went on holiday and used a bit of Spanish or French, the other person is usually impressed and grateful since English speakers don’t usually make the effort (due to English being the global business language).

Boost Rankings

Search engines like Google will see that your business is being mentioned overseas, greatly improving perception. This will potentially boost the authority of your site in all locations with Google meaning the possibility of better rankings in English speaking markets too.

Grow Your International Audience

Reach new customers in new countries with your website. Ecommerce is cross-border so why not sell your services to buyers in other languages? Building an international audience using high quality, relevant domains is becoming a popular SEO strategy for ambitious brands.

Why Choose UK Linkology as Your Multilingual Link Building Partner?

We have a strong reputation for providing a high quality link building service in the United Kingdom, USA and other English speaking markets so our International, multilingual partners were carefully assessed.

International partners

International partners@2x
We carefully selected our foreign language partners and only work with the best company for each country.

Experienced link building teams

Experienced link building teams@2x
Our team manages the process ensuring your multilingual links are of the highest standard.

Quality foreign writers

Quality foreign writers@2x
Our partners work with strong writers so your content will be relevant, grammatically correct and the link placed naturally.

13 years experience

13 years experience@2x
We have been building links for many years so you can relax knowing we have your international link building under control.

The people behind UK Linkology link building agency are dedicated to delivering high quality links and an expert, personalised service. Every website we work with is properly assessed and all content is reviewed by our talented SEO team. That’s why discerning agencies choose our company over many other cheaper less careful suppliers. I’m so confident in our service, I will remove all risk and offer you a 100% refund on your first order of up to 10 links if we don’t meet your expectations.

- 100% refund (same day)
- All links removed forever
- All other mentions removed forever
- No fuss, no broken hearts
Jason Brooks
Linkology Founder

FAQ's: Multilingual Link Building

International link building can be confusing so we’ve created a service that takes away the risk and stress. Below are the most commonly asked questions. Please let us know if there is anything else you need to know.
We will secure backlinks on websites in foreign countries using content written in the local language.

We can run link building campaigns in France, Germany, Netherlands (Holland), Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia).

Some sites use local tlds but .com domain extensions are very common on non-English speaking sites. The links placed will be within local language articles.
Yes, we are the original pre-approval link building service so you get to accept or reject every site. We do have a fair rejection policy based on the metrics agreed when you purchase (but a 100% refund is also available if you are not satisfied before links are placed).

Yes, we are the original pre-approval link building service so you get to accept or reject every article and have the number of revisions associated with the level you purchased. A 100% refund is also available if you are not satisfied with the content.

Yes, our partners only employ native speaking writers.

Our partners and our experience has shown that local foreign language sites with lower metrics perform better in their own countries and pass good authority. A site with lower metrics looks expensive, but this is only because SEO tools such as Moz give scores in relation to backlink quality and volume. There are less sites in non-English speaking countries so they attract less backlinks and therefore have lower perceived authority with SEO tools. However, these sites perform well in their respective countries. Due to that site owners charge more for publishing content.

The metrics are lower but the quality is the same and the sites are effective in their respective countries. These are not spammy foreign sites as found in private blog networks.

The links are placed indefinitely but we have no control over site owners. UK Linkology has a replacement policy if the link is not present after 12 months. 97% of our links are present many years after they are placed.

Yes, we only place do follow links.
No, we do not allow site owners to mark content as sponsored.