High Payout Backlink Affiliate Program

Build a high recurring monthly income by referring the backlink building service that's trusted by top UK and USA digital and SEO agencies.

10% standard commissions
15% commission for high earners
Payout for lifetime of a customer

Why promote UK Linkology?

UK Linkology site ranks in the top three
for its relevant organic keywords

We have a solid reputation.
100% of reviews are 4 or 5 stars on Shopper Approved

High average retention rates of over 12 months

  • Customers stick around
  • We provide spam free backlinks that please clients
  • A solid refund policy builds trust
  • Backlinks stay live or are replaced
  • A powerful guarantee backs our services

High customer lifetime value

  • We charge fair rates for high quality backlinks
  • Clients often upgrade
  • We attract agencies with big orders
  • Customers refer friends regularly
  • Customers are loyal

A team of UK based experts to support your campaigns

Easy to use dashboard for set up and tracking sales

  • We payout via PayPal or direct bank transfer
  • Track all your sales in one place
  • Track coupons and links
  • Track visits
  • Track payouts

Here’s how we make affiliate sales easy for you

Custom URLs

create your own custom “referral URL and be more personal and relevant which increases click-through rates

Direct linking from your website

link directly to our services without the need for an affiliate link which increases trust and click-through rates

Dedicated affiliate landing pages

we can create a landing page to suit your audience, linked to with a tidy URL which increases click-through rates and conversions

Create coupons

you can use unique coupons to share with your audience, quickly giving you an advantage over other services and the ability to react when others run competing campaigns

High quality promotional tools and support

  • There are high converting banners in the affiliate dashboard
  • Share links direct from the affiliate dashboard
  • We are highly visible on Facebook and Instagram
  • We use Adwords for brand awareness
  • SEO experts to help you set up your campaigns

Unrivalled account management

  • High retention rates – customers stay with us on average 12 months
  • We work hard to upsell and retain your customers
  • Most order values increase over time meaning your commission will grow
  • Expert level service from SEO professionals


  • 30 Day cookie
  • Detailed affiliate reporting dashboard
  • Recurring payments tracking
  • Push notifications of sales to your phone


  • 10% on all sales 15% for high earners
  • Lifetime commissions
  • Custom payout rates for super-affiliates
  • Payouts to Paypal or directly to your Bank securely

It’s now time for you to profit
from selling the best backlinks service

Terms and conditions

You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, and by signing up to our affiliate program, you are signalling your full compliance.

Use of our brand name(s)

  • You cannot bid on our brand name(s) in AdWords, Bing, Yahoo or any other advertising platform. Nor can you use our brand names in any ad titles, descriptions or display URLs.
  • You cannot buy domains for use as promotional sites that contain any part of our brand names.
  • You cannot create websites that attempt to mimic ours in any way or that pretend to be endorsed by us.
  • Our brand names include but are not limited to; UK Linkology, Linkology, Linkologists, Linkologists.com

Linking and tracking practices

  • All your affiliate links within ads must be directed to a page on your domain which in turn does not redirect to ours.
  • The links you use must be created using the tools we supply in your affiliate dashboard. They cannot be tampered with or use cloaking or URL masking of any description.
  • You cannot practice cookie stuffing.
  • You cannot purchase our services with your own affiliate links.
  • Do not use controversial words such as “scam”, “scammer”, “con”, “hoax”, “spam” or any other negative descriptors in your promotional materials.
  • We reserve the right to delete accounts and place commission on hold for any affiliates that contravene these rules.
  • We reserve the right to reverse commission up to 45 days for any affiliate caught breaking these rules.
  • These are the basics from a document prepared by our legal support team that will be supplied on request.