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These days, your target customer’s attention span is just seconds. Grab it and keep it now, with our high-quality website content and blog writing services.

Get creative content for your blog, website or backlink articles delivered fast by our professional team of writers and supported by SEO experts.

We offer website content and blog posts

'Website content' is content for your website. Your home page, about your company, products and services pages need content that promotes your company accurately and in a way that matches your brand.

'Blog content' can be published on your website blog or for use on external blogs for promoting your business. In either case, our professional in-house writing team can produce content that pleases readers and search engines.

Choose from three quality levels for your blog or website content



Standard content is for your backlink work or building up the content on a website with low search competition to help it rank better in Google. This content is delivered fast and does not allow for revisions or approval.



Premium content is for placing backlinks in content where site owners have tougher publishing rules. Great as content to help you build topical authority for your website and rank better in search engines. Optimisation is for your primary keyword.



Expert content is our highest quality content and excellent for your site or use in backlink or digital PR campaigns. You could use this content for your own site to rank for competitive keywords. It's also perfect as a content asset for your team to promote to other websites or to publish on high authority websites with your backlinks included. Fully keyword optimised content for maximum impact in search engines.

Pricing and features for blog content



Content for use in backlink campaigns or as decent quality, cheap filler for your blog competing for low competition keywords.

Prices from £15/500 words


Search engine optimised content. Best used for higher quality backlink campaigns or for targeting medium difficulty keywords with your website.

Prices from £25/500 words


Fully researched and search engine optimised content. For use as 'pillar' content on your website or for publishing on high authority sites.

Prices from £120/500 words

Pricing and features for website content



Not recommended for a serious business site as no approval is offered. Useful for private blog network builders.

Prices from £50/500 words


Search engine optimised content. Best used for medium to high quality business sites.

Prices from £75/500 words


Fully researched and search engine optimised content. For your evergreen content pages or as 'pillar' content.

Price from £125/500 words

Here's what our customers have to say...

The benefits of search engine optimised website content and blog posts

Search engine visibility

Well-written blog content builds credibility and trust with Google and captures traffic when prospects have questions. Yes, we use keyword optimisation tactics but using 2020 techniques; not dangerous stuff that’s designed to game algorithms.

Reach your target audience

Blog content reaches your target audience at the top of the marketing funnel; raising awareness of your brand by being on the spot when their questions need answering. Relieve their pain with smart answers and your audience will reward you with engagement.

Boost conversions

Whatever your marketing goals, we can map your blog content topics to drive prospects towards valuable conversions. Every blog post serves a purpose, whether on your site or as part of a link building strategy.

Attract quality backlinks

High ranking quality content will garner backlinks from other quality sources. This side benefit alone can pay for the content many times over.

Why clients love our website and blog content writing services


Brand alignment

We will understand your brand tone of voice and align with it if required.


Perfect grammar

Content checked for errors on Grammarly in US or UK English.


Unique content

Content will be 100% unique and pass all Copyscape checks.


Fact checked content

Content is fact and sense checked by a team lead by a Master’s degree level editor.


Optimised for Google

SEO experts advise on correct keyword deployment in content.


Formatted correctly*

Content is ready for publishing. All headings marked up and links placed naturally.


Fast turnaround

All content is delivered quickly, but for our expert level content services you can prioritise the delivery date.


Refund guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the content on your first order, we will refund you, no questions asked.


Scalable and affordable

We have the team and experience to deliver excellent content quickly and cheaper than most businesses can do in-house.

Our blog post and website content writing process explained

Understanding your needs is key to success

We will check out your site and business to discover what you are all about. Voice, messaging and all that important stuff will also be considered during this phase.

Researching your audience

Your audience have questions and needs that want fulfilling. We’ll dig out the valuable keywords they use and create content to satisfy them.

Getting to know the competition

Your competitors might be sitting pretty in Google and that’s great (for now). We will analyse their success and use that data to inform our work – with their help we aim to help you surpass them, not copy!

Content creation by experts in their craft

With the data collated we will get to work crafting sophisticated content with both the user and search engines in mind. With creativity and technical nous, we will generate brilliant content for you in-house.

In-house quality control saves you hours

Your content will be checked by our UK team for perfect grammar, keyword deployment and natural link placement.

Content review, edits and delivery

When completed you will have the opportunity to make edits. For expert level orders your content will be sent to you fully formatted and ready for publication.

Why choose UK Linkology for your blog and website content needs?

15 years' SEO experience

We’ve seen search engine optimisation evolve and we’ve grown with it. We know every trick in the book and know what Google likes when it comes to content.

We rank top against other SEO 'experts'

Check out our rankings. It isn’t just down to our links. We have structured our content to meet the needs of Google and our users and it works.

A qualified in-house team

Our content services team leader has a Master’s in English and has run 15 magazines, plus our director has 15 years SEO experience. Together we have the in-house capability to manage high quality content production from both a creative and technical SEO perspective.

Specialist writers in many niches

We have the skills in-house specialists covering virtually every sector. All work is triple checked by experienced in-house campaign managers to meet Copyscape and Grammarly standards.

Our content writing guarantee