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Real Sites, Not Networks

Sites have to pass our strict quality guidelines. Usually low on advertising, high quality content and engaged.


Link Approval System

We will supply you with the sites to approve and once completed we’ll send you a report after every job.


Relevance Comes First

We work with the site owners to ensure your link is placed naturally and the content is highly relevant.


High Quality Content

Creative, properly structured articles of minimum 500 words or in some cases we can have your link placed in content written by the site owner.


Permanent Links

Links are placed in good faith for life but if a link is lost we will request it reinstated or replace it with equal or better up to a 6 months after your campaign ends.

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UK Based Team

UK based staff will do all of the outreach and remain discreet at all times, never revealing a client name until the link placement is secured.

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The people behind UK Linkology are dedicated to delivering high quality links and expert level link building services. Every website we work with is properly assessed and all content is reviewed by our talented SEO team. That’s why discerning agencies choose us over many other cheaper less careful suppliers. I’m so confident in our service, I will remove all risk and offer you a 100% refund on your first order of up to 10 links if we don’t meet your expectations.

- 100% refund (same day)
- All links removed forever
- All other mentions removed forever
- No fuss, no broken hearts
Jason Brooks
Linkology Founder

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Backlink packages are quick to order and include the same attentive service as our custom link building campaigns.

A High Quality Link Building Service Trusted By Agencies and Businesses All Over the World


Price is always relative. Compared to our closer competitors, who mostly sell their services on day rates, we are usually cheaper if you estimate the actual price you will end up paying for a link. We also guarantee a set number of links and the minimum DA or M-Flux score.

Comparing us to cheaper services is not a good idea. We sell links in packages online – like many low-end link builders do – but this is where our similarity ends!

We use experienced UK based SEO staff to source and screen websites and provide one-to-one support to clients – this attention to our clients costs more money but is worth it for the peace of mind that getting only quality links will give you.

We use professional writers for content so paying anything less than £15 ($25) for an article means we would have to use non-native English writers or be slave driving – either way, the content you would get would be average at best. Our content is great!

We only place one client link per article unlike some similar services . Adding more than one client link to an article on a website creates easy to track footprints and sooner or later this will cause issues or at best get you poor results. Our process is the safest and most effective.

Yes, if you have bought the pre-approval service, we show you the websites we have found that meet the metrics you paid for and you pick the ones you like.

Yes, if you have bought the pre-approval service you can approve the title and then see the content we write. We allow a few edits to make sure your content is perfect. Links are placed naturally within content so that they enhance the user experience.

SEO requires discretion so if you need some just get in touch. If we offered up examples in public the sites would be either low quality or wouldn’t know we were doing it. Would you like your site being used as a case study for a link building campaign? We offer privacy to both client and website owner for good reason.

Around 96% are forever but we will replace any links that are lost within 6 months for free.

On average between 2-4 weeks but you will get your first link within a week or so. In some cases, we have delays because we are dealing with busy website owners. Getting all your links placed in days can be a red flag often meaning the sites are on a ‘built for links’ network.

No, we try to avoid these like the plague. We have a database of sites that we blacklist including websites sent to us in bulk lists from anonymous Gmail accounts.

No, we use websites that are relevant and publish quality content to an engaged audience. often making their money from advertising and selling products or services.

We have a live reporting area so your links will be accessible there. We’ll do all we can to help you see the benefits of our link building.

Our highly relevant backlinks are from reliable sources. No networks or spun content, just great links from real sites with real visitors. These are the best link building packages for SEO that you will find. Links are delivered within 4 weeks* plus we offer a no fuss replacement policy on your first order up to 10 links so it's risk-free 🙂 UK Linkology is a link building agency that cares about your results. Give us a try.

How We Make Link Building Simple, Safer and Easy For You

You can review the sites we source

We can show you the first few websites to build trust with you or you can see them all every time. Whatever suits you.

You can speak with one of us anytime

We take orders online 24/7 or over the phone during UK office hours, and we are available on live chat, Skype, Facebook and email.

What if I have a link from a site already?

You won’t. We check your backlink profile before we secure your links so it is unlikely to happen.

Live reporting service

You have access to a progress report 24/7 in a private, secure dashboard. You can approve or reject websites as they are added. 

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Who Are UK Linkology?

Founded by Jason Brooks, an SEO and digital marketing veteran, in 2013 UK Linkology is an agency set up to offer a more personal and careful link building service.

Yes, we sell online but you can pick up the phone and someone will be there to talk you through a new SEO campaign or discuss the backlinks we have provided.

Unlike most similar link building agencies we are happy to share our sites prior to placing links; we operate a link building service not a factory.

The quality of our links and the one-to-one service we provide is what makes us different and we are told we offer excellent value.

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