How To Get Published On Top Blogs: Guest Blogging Advice That Works

Guest blogging is an excellent way to get exposure and to become known as an expert in your niche. Besides, it helps in driving traffic and building backlinks to your website.

While guest blogging offers a lot of advantages, there are some steps you need to follow to be successful in being published on top blogs.

How to find guest post opportunities

A common way to find opportunities is through Google search. But before start sending emails to all the sites you can find, you need to be careful. You don’t want your reputation to be ruined. Pick only the best options for success.

Find blogs in your niche

Neil Patel gives a great advice for starters: write your own content. If you do not have a website yet, you should consider building one first.

Whether you want to position yourself as an expert or get exposure, you must have something that editors and readers can refer to. Make sure you have enough content on the same niche as your guest post. It will be great to reinforce your knowledge as well as give readers something more to read.

If your new visitors cannot find anything to link with on your blog, it will be difficult for them to associate you with an expert.

While your stats may increase thanks to your guest blogging, your efforts will fade away. You need to build a strong base to have continuity.

Aim for popular blogs

If you want to grow your reach, it will be much easier if your guest post is published on a bigger blog. Even if the idea might sound scary to you, there is no other way.

Who are the bloggers you respect the most in your niche? Who are the ones you look up to when producing your own content and building your brand?

These are the ones you want to write for.

Do your research before your first contact. What topics attract their readers the most? Which of their popular articles would you like to add a new flavor to?

Now it is only a matter of overcoming any fear you might have and start building a relationship.

Build relationships

Since guest blogging is such a great opportunity, a lot of writers are applying for it every day. The mailbox of famous bloggers is overloaded with pitches. Some are great, others not so much. That is why they are selective.

What do you generally do when you receive a proposal from someone you don’t know? Chances are you will investigate it first, if you have the time. Or (and most possibly) you will delete it, won’t you? Now imagine what happens with editors who receive hundreds of guest posting proposals all the time?

Before you start shooting in the dark, make yourself visible. Once you know for whom you would like to write to, take the time to interact with them. It will take you away from anonymity. Leave comments on their blog and share their content.

Like in life, building relationships is crucial to achieving your guest posting goals.

Preparing to pitch a guest post

Now that you have a list of editors to contact, it is time to put together your pitch.

While it is only your first (cold) contact, you need to make sure it will leave a good impression.

Read and understand the guidelines

Some sites have an open policy about guest posts. It facilitates the process, but it is also an opportunity to select applications.

Imagine you are a manager who is going through various curricula sent for an open position.

You have countless of them lying on your desk, waiting for your final decision. Once you start reading some, you find lots of typos and conflicting information.

Are you going to keep on reading these? Or are you going to toss them away and pick the next one?

If you send a pitch that does not follow the provided guidelines, chances are your email will be deleted without a second thought.

So whenever available, you have to make sure you stick to any requirements. Always!

Remember it is not about you

You have your goals when writing a guest post. However, these goals are yours and yours only. Making your pitch only about how YOU will profit from the opportunity will not be of any help.

What piece of information can you offer that will be an asset to the blog? What is in your article that editor and readers won’t get anywhere else?

Don’t make your pitch about how awesome you are. Focus on sharing valuable information that will be of great use for others.

Don’t waste the editor’s time

Most sites will be happy with:

  • A short introduction of yourself
  • A brief description of your guest post
  • A creative content option

A couple bullet points are sometimes more than enough to introduce your text. If needed, you may be requested to provide more details about your post.

Depending on your previous experience, you may want to mention other successful guest posts you wrote. This could be great to build social proof.

How to submit a great guest post

You got the email you had been waiting for with the acceptance of your guest post. Now it is time to produce and submit the real thing.

Write your best content EVER

On your blog you write great content. For guest posting, it has to be stellar!

The idea of just bringing something out to attract people to your site does not apply anymore.

Take time to do enough research and collect qualitative data to support your argument.

If you are accustomed to editing your content 3 times, revise it at least 5. Read it out loud and do a spelling and grammar check. Use tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway.  And if you are not confident enough, ask someone to review it for you.


Write for beginners

Unless you are writing for a technical site, you want to make your guest post accessible to anyone. The best way to achieve it is by having the Persona of a beginner in mind as your target group.

If readers need to pick up a dictionary to understand your point of view, you are not on the right path.

Do not misunderstand the showing of your expertise with writing a thesis. Your text needs to be readable and pleasant to catch people’s attention.

Include a call-to-action at the end of your post to start a conversation.

Follow up

Your work doesn’t end once your guest post is published.

Make sure you promote it with the same passion as you do with your posts on your blog.

Answer to all comments and thank people for promoting it as well. The more engagement you get, the more successful your guest post will be.

Over to you

Have you already had a guest post published on a top blog? If yes, what was your take away from the experience? If not, what is holding you back?

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