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Our Linkologists Can Help You Recover Your Rankings Fast Using Proven Backlink Removal and Google Disavow Processes.

Finally Say Goodbye to Your Google Penalty and Bad Backlinks 🙂

Our Proven Google Penalty Recovery Process Will Get You Out of Trouble

Our team of UK based link analysis and removal experts are serious about cleaning up your problem. We are ready to help you to start ranking where you used to before Google unleashed the Penguin update on you. We will not only help you recover your rankings, but help future proof your website against anything that Google might throw at you. Our success rate speaks for itself. Let us help you back on your feet and start hitting targets again.

1. A Free Accurate No B.S. Quote

We’ll give you an accurate quote put together by hand, not some API that spits out a random number. You will see what you are paying for and get a realistic recovery timeframe.


2. In-Depth Expert Link Analysis

Our experts will analyse your backlink profile, pulling in link data from multiple sources. We’ll identify which links should be removed or disavowed and which links are worth keeping.


3. Manual Contact With Site Owners

If you have received a manual penalty from Google we contact site owners to request the removal of as many unnatural backlinks as possible. We manage this entire process and do all the heavy lifting.


4. Disavow & Reconsideration Request

We’ll prepare a disavow file and a tailored reconsideration request for Google detailing our campaign progress. We know exactly what Google is looking for which is why we have a 100% success rate.

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Still Wondering Why Your Website isn't Ranking Like it Used to?


There are a bunch of reasons

Spammy blogs scraping your content.
An SEO provider breached your trust and blasted links at your website which resulted in a penalty from Google.
You became a victim of a nasty practice called “negative SEO” where competitors try to outrank your website by linking to you from lots of toxic websites.
The result is always the same – loss of traffic, leads and revenue.


So what can you do about it?

You can use backlink tools to find all of the sites linking to you, analyse them, reach out to site owners asking for links to be removed, disavow those links within Google’s Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools).

Then you’d need to submit a reconsideration and hope that you found all of the toxic backlinks pointed at your site.

The downside is that this is a time intensive process that requires a specialist skill-set.


There must be an easier way right? And there is...

The great news is that we have a team of link analysis experts who have a 100% success rate for removing manual penalties.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll put together a tailored quote for you within 24 hours.

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This is Chuck's Story...

"In the past, we worked with an SEO company from India. Unfortunately, this company produced low quality results which resulted in a Google penalty to our websites. Some of the links that were particularly damaging that this company had placed were links on adult sites. To prepare our reconsideration request to Google, we hired UK Linkology. The list of links that UK Linkology had sourced was extensive and they went through each and every one of them manually to ensure that none of the damaging links were left behind. UK Linkology submitted the reconsideration request to Google and the penalty was revoked two weeks later. This was the first attempt that UK Linkology made when appealing the penalty. We were so happy with the results we extended the contract to have UK Linkology prepare the reconsideration request for two additional sites."
Happy Client,
A&J Distributing

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How We Price Up Link Removal and Penalty Recovery Services

Prices Start at Around £500 per 250 Domains (not unique URLs)

This includes a full disavow document and reconsideration request message ready for you to send to Google.

The reconsideration request will include a detailed report.

This shows Google just how much effort has been put in to remove your links.

Here’s an example:

What would you get for this price?

What would you get for this price?

Please be aware that in order for us to give you an accurate quote we will need a full export of your backlink profile from Google Webmaster Tools

We will then use this data with other industry tools such as Majestic SEO to ensure that no links are missed – if any links are missed then Google has been known to just decline the request for reconsideration.

Still not sure? Get in touch and we'll talk you through it

We have a small team and are limited to 5 new clients per Month. Call Now 01332 742516.

Our Rock Solid 4 Point Promise to You And Your Business

1. We Only Employ Experts

Our clients receive the best service using people and tools – not just automated tools!

2. Penalties Lifted Quickly

Our clients receive the best service using people and tools – not just automated tools!

3. No Manual Penalty Removed No Fee

If we don’t get your manual penalty lifted then you don’t pay the full fee.

4. Only Paid in Full When The Job is Done

We only ask for 50% of the quoted price to get started. If we don’t lift the penalty you don’t pay the final 50% until we do, simple.

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