6 Tools That Make Measuring SEO Success Easy

Gathering critical data is a pivotal piece of the puzzle when it comes to running an effective business. But one of the last and most important pieces to that puzzle is reporting. If you’re unable to clearly and effectively report on the data that you want your clients or your marketing team to take action…

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Do Blog Post Dates Have an Effect in SEO

There are countless strategies that can be implemented to boost SERP rankings, some of them take many resources while others not so much. Are you trying to get a competitive edge with your SEO efforts but are running out of ideas? What if I were to tell you that with only 15 minutes of your…

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Learn SEO: 12 Indispensable Resources For Beginners

Indispensable Resources For Beginners

You’ve hit the ground running. Business licenses filed, website launched, e-commerce portal in place, social media profiles up and running, and new content publishing to your blog three times a week like clockwork. Now what? How do you keep the forward momentum? What are the next steps to capturing more market share? When it comes…

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How To Ace YouTube SEO In 2016 In 3 Easy Steps

YouTube SEO

Video is eating the internet. Video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. By 2018, it is estimated that video will take up a whopping 79% of all consumer internet traffic. According to Cisco, online video users are expected to grow to 1.5 billion by 2016. And of course, YouTube sits at the heart of…

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6 Local SEO Tools To Give Your Rankings A Boost

Local SEO Tools To Give Your Rankings A Boost

Social media, blog and website strategy revolve around one magic word that everyone knows, everyone fears, but no one completely understands: SEO. Search engine optimization is the sweet spot for any online marketplace; top listing on any one of the major platforms can be the difference between market share and a slow painful death into…

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