Blogger Outreach: 8 Ways To Avoid The Trash Folder

An effective email outreach campaign can be a great way to promote a product or service. With that being said, most email outreach campaigns are met with annoyance. Recipients’ inboxes are already flooded with junk mail and spam, and your outreach email is likely to be tossed into the electronic circular filing system that is the Trash folder, without so much as a second glance.

How do you make sure that your outreach emails are opened? Follow these 8 effective tips to ensure that your emails are not only opened, but responded to.


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1. The golden rule

The Golden Rule

Treat others as you would like to be treated. In the same regard, send emails that you would be interested in reading. Avoid impersonal and pitchy language that essentially reads, “I want to sell you something!” If you don’t want to receive emails like that, then neither do your recipients.

2. Use a professional email address

Obtain an email address that contains your name or initials, from a reputable email hosting provider. Consider using your website’s email hosting service for your outreach program.

Your personal email address is fine for sending your grandmother pictures of your recent trip to NYC. But isn’t necessarily the best way to make a first impression on a potential business partner.

Also, avoid using a signature that is too lengthy or wordy. Keep your signature short and sweet, such as:

Tyler Smith

Awesome Service Inc.

Signatures with too many qualifications or credentials read more like a resume than a sign off. Including your resume in your email seems a bit desperate. Shorter signatures convey that you’re not overly concerned with how your credentials might impact the result of the email.

3. Personalize the subject line

A personalized subject line can pique the reader’s interest. The email subject line should be relevant to the individual reading their email. For example, reference a recent blog post that they have published.

Try this:

Kayla, Question About Pineapple Recipe Post For You

Is more effective than:

I’ve Selected You To Try Out Awesome Service Inc!

Avoid words such as “selected”, “winner”, or “free product/service”. Telling someone they’ve been selected or won something they didn’t register for is suspiciously reminiscent of an unsolicited telemarketer’s technique to get you to sign up for something you don’t need.

Make the subject line about them, ask genuine questions.

4. Conversational language, not informational

Conversational Language

Use language that feels like a face-to-face conversation. Avoid listing all of your credentials and why your company or product is so great. They don’t care. They really don’t. Recipients want to know why you’re contacting them, and if it is relevant and beneficial to their well-being.

5. Keep it brief, keep it scannable

Outreach emails should be brief and scannable, i.e. easy to read. Keep your email brief, 3-4 sentences max. If you can’t get your point across in 4 sentences, the message is too in depth.  Follow this list to keep your email brief and scannable.

  • State your purpose
  • Provide your assistance
  • Ask your question
  • Reiterate how you can benefit them.

For example:

Hey Kayla!

I absolutely loved your Pineapple Tea Cake recipe! I’m a consultant at Awesome Service Inc, and I thought your post would be perfect for our upcoming Savory Summer Blogging campaign. Would you be interested in letting us promote your post in exchange for your feedback on our testimonials page? Your post will be shared with over 1500 of our Twitter followers.

Tyler Smith

Awesome Service Inc.

The email was brief, direct, and potentially beneficial to the recipient.

6. Minimize generic email templates

Minimize Generic Email Templates

Email outreach templates might seem like a great idea. Shoot off over 100 emails to bloggers with the click of a button. Simply insert their name to personalize the template, and wait for the responses to roll in. Right?

Not exactly. Email templates might save you time, but they typically aren’t as effective as an email that is personalized to the recipient. Plus, if you’re using a template to reach out to a recipient, chances are someone else is too.

Personalize your message to each recipient to maximize your results.

Add a unique and memorable ending to your email further increase the chance of getting a response.

7. Give more than you hope to get

The Golden Rule comes into play here as well. Giving is more rewarding than receiving, because the more you give, the more you will potentially get. If you can provide enough incentive for your recipient, they are more likely to return the favor in the form of the rewards you seek.

Minimize the amount of what you are hoping to receive, and maximize the amount of rewards you can provide for the recipient

8. Follow up, but don’t get weird about it

If you say you are going to follow up after a week or so, then follow up after a week or so. A recipient may have opened your email, was interested, but simply forgot to reply. Send a follow-up email to touch base with your recipient and get a feel for their interest.

A follow-up email could be similar to this:

Hi Kayla,

Did you have a chance to consider my offer regarding the promotion of your Pineapple Tea Cake post? Let me know if you’d like to discuss the promotion.

Tyler Smith

Awesome Service Inc.

If they don’t reply to your follow-up email, chances are they probably aren’t interested. Continuing to send follow up emails is not only annoying, it can be downright creepy. Your emails will be met with a swift “Mark As Spam” option, and you’ll no longer have the opportunity to reach this blogger.

Stay connected, but don’t spam people in the hopes of a response.

Key takeaways

To sum up, follow these steps to ensure your outreach emails are opened.

  • Personalize it
  • Brevity is key
  • Provide rewards where you can
  • Practice the Golden Rule

Following these techniques will maximize your email outreach campaign, and generate significant interest in your products or services.

If your goal is to secure opportunities to contribute on other blogs, check out Debbie’s post on getting published on top blogs.

Do you have any additional advice to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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