14 Top Google Chrome Extensions For Savvy SEOs And Link Builders

Top Google Chrome Extensions For SEOs And Link Builders

Note: this has been one of our most popular posts for well over two years. We’ve since updated it to incorporate new Chrome extensions we’ve been trying in 2015.

As the landscape of the SEO industry continues to evolve, so do the tools we use and the ways in which we use them.

Now, some of the most useful tools that we can use for link building and SEO come in the form of browser extensions.

In this post, you will find a collection of Extensions for Google Chrome, which will help you step up your SEO & link building efforts and save countless hours. Because, let’s face it – time is precious!

Let’s dive in!

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is one of our favorite tools for both backlink data and content research, but it also has a very helpful SEO toolbar.

The toolbar will add a thin ribbon at the top of your screen so that you can see helpful page level information such Ahrefs rank, social share counts, and backlink counts. You’ll also get root domain metrics and amongst other helpful metrics.

If you have an Ahrefs subscription, you can open up more detailed page and domain level overviews, similar to the sorts of graphs you’d see when using Ahrefs directly.



Similar to how Ahrefs has their SEO toolbar, Moz has the MozBar.

Without having a Moz subscription, you’ll be able to get some helpful data about each site you visit.

MozBar will give you access to Moz’s metrics, PageAuthority, DomainAuthority and Spam Score. You’ll also get page-level share counts.

The page highlighter tool will highlight different types of links in a different color. This includes followed, no-followed, external and internal backlinks.

The page analysis feature can show you on-page elements, link metrics, markup and other attributes.

If you’re using Google, you’ll also find the MozBar displayed for each site. With a MozPro account, you can click a button to open up the domain in Open Site Explorer.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

We use Majestic a lot for accessing backlink data, like Moz and Ahrefs it has a helpful Chrome Extension.

Where this tool differs, however, is how it specifically focuses on backlink analysis rather than any on-page elements.

You’ll see a summary with all of Majestic’s metrics, a list of your top backlinks and anchor text. There are quick links to different Majestic tools too.

Without a Majestic subscription, you won’t get as much data but it is still useful.

SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank

SEO Website Analysis By WooRank

WooRank’s SEO & Website Analysis extension can give you a good snapshot of elements to improve on your website.

You’ll get a score and some very specific insights which makes this tool rather helpful.

WooRank’s extension only works at a domain level, and data is limited unless you get a paid account.

With all automated analysis tools, they’re not 100% but you’ll still find some helpful insights in most circumstances.

Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach is a blogger outreach tool that is still fairly new to the market but has been progressing fast thanks to rolling out new updates frequently.

One of the best additions to this tool has been the Chrome Extension that allows you to pull in all sorts of information about the site you’re visiting.

This includes page-level SEO elements, key pages, traffic estimations, recent posts, social profiles, average social share counts and more.


The Scraper extension provides a quick way to speed up your link prospecting efforts.

Just right hand click on a URL while on a website and select “scrape similar”, you’ll get a list of similar sites that you can export to Google Docs.

For a more detailed explanation of how this process works, check out this tutorial by School of Data.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path

Have you ever visited a website and found yourself going through multiple redirects?

With Ayima’s Redirect Path, you can find out exactly which redirects have got you to the current page.

This is a simple Chrome Extension, but it’s VERY useful. Checking redirects and HTTP Header information has never been so easy.

User-Agent Switcher

With User-Agent Switcher, you can change which agent Chrome uses so you can test how different sites react.

For example, you could visit other websites as an old version of Internet Explorer or even as an iPhone.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith has a database of over a quarter of a billion websites, and exactly which technologies are used to build those websites.

Using the Technology Profiler extension you can access that database to figure out which technologies are used to build each site you visit.

For example, does a website use WordPress? What plugins or widgets are used? What analytics platforms are in place?

Link Grabber

Using Link Grabber, you can easily extract all of the links from any page on the web.

Links appear in a new tab as a list and can then be copied, and pasted into a spreadsheet or another tool.


As an SEO or Link Builder, there will likely be times when you need to open links in bulk.

Just drag a selection box around any links you want to open, and Linkclump will do the rest.

You can also choose to copy or bookmark links instead of opening them in a new tab.



Broken links are annoying for users, cause problems for search engines, but they can be a great opportunity for link builders.

By using LinkMiner, you can scan the page you’re currently on to find which links are broken.

You can also pull in various metrics on each of those broken links, making this not only great for tidying up your old content, but it works extremely well for broken link building.

In the settings page, you can customize exactly how you want LinkMiner to work. What makes this even better is the option to use Ahrefs or Majestic API’s.



LastPass isn’t just a huge time saver for SEO’s and Link Builders, it’s a huge time-saver for anyone who uses the internet.

I lost count of how many websites I had accounts on years ago, which makes remembering all of those different passwords near impossible.

LastPass works on a wide variety of devices and browsers, not just Google Chrome so it’s flexible.

You can use it to save all of your passwords and generate complex passwords.

Insert Snippet

Insert Snippet is like Canned Responses for Gmail, but you can use it on any website rather than just Gmail.

If you haven’t used Canned Responses before, I’ll explain.

When writing emails, there are a lot of phrases that we type out over and over again.

Let’s say you have a blog and receive guest post pitches, you can set up a specific template for use with emails where you approve pitches, and another for emails where you decline pitches.

Insert Snippet is a Chrome Extension that can save you more time than you might realize, just by loading up blocks of text you can use them whenever you need to.

Over to you

Whatever part of SEO or Link Building that you may want help with, chances are there will be a Chrome Extension to help you.

Which browser extensions do you use the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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Adam Connell

Adam Connell

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    • Adam Connell

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  • Very comprehensive list of Google Chrome browser extentions for SEO and link building. I am very sure many SEO folks haven’t heard of some of these. I know I haven’t, 🙂

    You are right about Firefox getting slower with each update. I also use Chrome more than Firefox as it doesn’t crash as often. Good to know there are all these Chrome browser extensions to choose from and use for SEO and link building purposes.

    By the way, are they all free?

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      Thanks for your comment Sunny and also for sharing the post!

      All of these are free so take a look and see what works for you.

  • Spook SEO

    Hi Adam!

    Thank you so much for sharing these Google Chrome extensions for link building. I will definitely check them out. I actually like Scraper for this tool saves so much time when accumulating lists of link prospects. I suggest that others must also try this tool.

    • My pleasure – really glad that you’ll find some of these useful.

  • Spook SEO

    Hi Adam!

    Thank you so much for sharing these Google Chrome extensions for link building. I will definitely check them out. I actually like Scraper for this tool saves so much time when accumulating lists of link prospects. I suggest that others must also try this tool.

    • My pleasure – really glad that you’ll find some of these useful.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Seriously, am unaware these chrome extensions for seo link building. I am having few already, but will add more link building extensions to perform better. Thanks for this tremendous list Adam Connell 🙂

  • Nirmala, thanks so much for the comment and also sharing the post with your followers. I’m really glad you’ve found the post useful 🙂

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  • Thanks a ton for the mention Adam! We are making some improvements to the Chrome Extension this week and have a really cool idea planned for it (it will be restricted for the Pro users though), to come out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

  • Wow, there are a few of these on the list that I use religiously, but now I’ve got a few more extensions to check out. Thanks Adam! =)

    • My pleasure 🙂 Glad you’ve found a few more extensions to try out!

  • Adam, these are certainly some great extensions. Just picked up a few myself. Appreciate you sharing!

  • Kevin

    That’s a very useful list, Adam. Great that you went the extra mile and sorted them alphabetically.

    I recently released a chrome extension that shows you keyword volume and cpc data at Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, UberSuggest and a bunch of other websites. I hope you find it useful and if so would really appreciate being on this list 🙂


    • Thanks Kevin!

      Sounds like a great extension, thanks for sharing it with us.

      I won’t be able to expand this list for a while, but still, it’s here in the comments so readers can check it out 🙂

  • Royce Cayden

    Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of Insert Snippet, but this sounds like it could be a real time-saver for me. I personally love the start.me extension (https://start.me/chrome) – it allows me to have all my bookmarks, feeds and notes available a new tab.

    • That’s a new one to me, Royce. But it has a similar feel to the old iGoogle – this looks like a great alternative. Thanks!

  • These tools are time savings. With the help of these tools we can make our seo work faster 🙂 . Thanks for your time Adam Connell on coming up with great article.